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Problems with long response time?

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Long response times in customer service. A problem – not a challenge.

A problem can be fixed quite quickly. A challenge can be worked with over time. Many companies suffers from long response times in their customer service / support. Mainly caused by three different causes. Read more about those three – and how to fix the problems quickly.

1. Contact Deb

Has your response time increased rapidly in a short period of time? Then you’re probably suffering from what’s called a contact debt. A contact debt can give serious repercussions on your entire business but can be fixed quite quickly. In only 48-96 hours.

2. No Real Time Management

Customer contacts happen in real time while most executives view reports in average over a longer time period. When operational management utilize the same reports as executive management you have a problem. It’s like coaching a single football game over time based on the last months average statistics…

3. Low Capacity Utilization Rate

As a senior manager you’re used to working all the time that you’re paid for (and maybe more time on top of that). If you work in an inbound contact center you’re reactive and you can only work when someone actually tries to contact you.

How to fix the probem?

First, you need to identify which of the reasons listed above you’re suffering from. Sometimes (rarely) it’s a question of understaffing and a true capacity problem. Mostly it’s a combination of all three. This is a problem – which means it can be fixed! Get in touch and we will tell you more.

Thank you for reading, see you soon!

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