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There's a way to get that rare expertise you're looking for. No strings attached.

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What we do

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Interim managers are experienced experts who step into a project or line role with expert and/or managerial responsibilities on a temporary basis. They leave the organisation again when their contract is up.

When you should turn to Interim Management as a solution?

- It could be to fill a management vacuum, during a phase of restructuring or during a specific project.

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How we do it

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Management Vacuum



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Building Plans
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It is not uncommon these days for it to take 12 months to fill a vacant position.

The identification and selection of suitable candidates, the availability and co-ordination of those involved in the decision-making process and, finally, the period of notice of the successful candidate: these are the factors which can lead to a prolonged delay in filling a role. This is particularly the case for demanding senior management roles, but also for expert roles with sophisticated qualification profiles.

Even in well-run organisations, profound changes can be unavoidable.

Restructuring, or even a turnaround, require specialist knowledge and methodological expertise which is, for the most part, not usually available in an organisation. Organisational transformation also requires difficult and radical decisions to be made and implemented, which can have a significant negative impact on the work of senior management following a successful restructuring.

A project that will require additional management capacity and specific skill sets needs to be managed.

These are usually time-limited but must be dealt with alongside the day-to-day business of the company. Amongst others, these involve introducing new systems, entering new markets, building projects. These sort of projects have to be undertaken by the employees alongside day-to-day activities which usually leads to suboptimal outcomes. 

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What to expect

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Revenue growth

The use of an expert for a definite period saves money and reduces risk.

Gap analysis

Identify the gaps you need to address before hiring a permanent individual

A unique benchmarking database

NPS Prism is based on our work with hundreds of companies on customer experience transformations and our unmatched leadership as the inventors of the Net Promoter Score

More efficient operations

Reduce a range of non-value adding interactions, including call volumes, service visits and truck rolls

Capture maximum value

Executive on key actions, test and learn, iterate and scale

Cut costs

Lower costs by more than 20% through standardization, centralization and automation (standardisation, industry best practise and automation) 54%!

Improved business outcomes (?)

More effectively recruit, develop, and retain talent to improve business results

Enhanced talent strategy

Reskill your team to focus on higher value added achtivities

Set priorities

Identify what will make the biggest impact to enable your agenda

Speed and effectiveness

Organize work around products and services with the right incentives

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Results we get

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---- was a fast connector with the right people on the right level to make deals happen. Once our project started, it was a pleasure to work with someone with such a nice balance of drive, ambition, but also fun and easy to get along with

Board member, Online Education company, Mexico

Interim Management: Projects
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