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From the basis of our analysis, we can always do what we have proposed.

Transform your traditional contact center to a solution centre and become best in class.

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What we do

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Our proven program for transformation fixes any issues with your operating platform and creates substantial financial gain. The platform is the prerequisite for growth and implementation of contact center best practices – resulting in increasing quality. The final step is to realize your future potential, making you the leader within customer experience in your industry.

It can be a transformation of their existing contact center for cost, revenue, quality, experience or it might be an international expansion. It can  be fast paced start-ups or new business models for Fortune 1000 companies.

Evolving from the traditional call centre to a customer centric solution centre
will have positive implications for the call centre and Cx function – however
it will be crucial to maintain the momentum of innovation on this journey. 

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How we do it

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Addressing the basics

Service Optimisation

Best in Class

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Within the traditional Cx operation, activities are largely inbound and transactional with a focus primarily on cost. Engagements are generally routed through the operation with little interaction with the customer wider afield. The use of effective technology is not a key success factor.

Within the contact centre, focus is on understanding your consumer, building a good relationship and trust and optimising engagements across all communication channels. Approach is empathic, proactive and predictable with importance on delivering an excellent experience. It can be argued that many organisations are currently at this part of the evolution of the centre and are aware of the importance of remaining innovative and relevant.

Within the solutions centre, focus is on the importance of implementing a fully optimised end-to-end experience which is effortless for the customer. Employees are highly productive, motivated and reskilled to manage more difficult and complex queries and complaints and play a key role in analysis and predictive analytics projects to anticipate future needs and target new customers, thus leaving bots and other technologies to manage mundane, predictable queries.

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What to expect

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Results we get

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New Tech

Integrate a more optimised service offering through new technology platforms such as chatbots


Seek implementation of pilot projects or larger scale deployment of automation


Shift from a reactive to proactive customer approach


Shift focus to effective workforce management ensuring
employees are ready to address the changes made

OMNI-channel management

Data integration, sales channel harmonisation, services integration, more sophisticated marketing approaches
and ability to identify customers in real-time across all channels.

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I have worked with ---- for over a year to redesign and implement a world class multilingual sales operation. It was a long route, with sometimes unpredictable challenges, but today I believe we can both say that we are very proud of what we achieved and of the sales machine we have setup

Senior VP, BPO company, Portugal

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