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Our holistic analytics model - OMNI ECO - is the basis for everything we do. The insights provided give clear actions for reaching specific targets.

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What we do

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We developed an analytics model consisting of hundreds of factors and effects, that all interact with one another. We call it the contact center eco-system. 

Our analysis model contains the benchmark and best practices for each factor in a large number of industries and regions/markets. By applying the model in our contact centers – we create a tailored transformation program that yields results.

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How we do it

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OMNI Strategy

Obtaining data

Benchmark & Best practise

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A long term, common-sense strategy for your contact centre will determine your future potential. Omni Professionals will test and challenge your preconceptions and ensure that your customer experience strategy is aligned with your future goals.

  1. Aligning goals and strategy for maximal effect.

  2. Mapping processes, flows and structures, with focus on finding bottlenecks from a contact center perspektive.

  3. Gathering existing data, establishing a historic value and preparing for benchmark analysis.

From the data obtained we perform a benchmark analysis through our own database where each and every function and unit is evaluated on its own.

We study the entire operations structure to look for best practise methodology.


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  1. Presentation & workshop​ where we go through all our findings with key stakeholders.

  2. Action plan with all discovered actions, including priority according to targets and effects.

  3. Report & documentation together with a business case simulation.

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What to expect

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Craft a strategy

Design and develop a comprehensive program tailored to your specific needs

Gap analysis

Identify the gaps you need to address between the market opportunity and your resourcing model

Clear plan

Develop a blueprint that aligns your sales team with your market opportunity and run pilots to test key changes

A unique benchmarking database

NPS Prism is based on our work with hundreds of companies on customer experience transformations and our unmatched leadership as the inventors of the Net Promoter Score

Capture maximum value

Executive on key actions, test and learn, iterate and scale

A focus on results

...provides leaders responsable for CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE isies the data they need to make strategic decisions

Build new capabilities

Achieve continuous improvement by changing behaviour and ways of working

Gain new insights

Begin your transformation with an unvarnished assessment to your starting point, supported by peer benchmarks, to align your team on the journey ahead

Set priorities

Identify what will make the biggest impact to enable your agenda

Speed and effectiveness

Organize work around products and services with the right incentives

Results we get

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---- always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly as we grew the business

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